"Thank you so much for this great lesson. This is the first time I like math," says one Grade 5 Student..
"This workshop taught me how to be aware of how I spend and store my money," says another Grade 6 Student.
"Now I feel like a money person who is amazing and smart," says one Grade 7 Student.
"I just love this! I learned the essential ways of managing my money like putting 10% of my money into my savings account," says another Grade 7 Student.
"Thank-you for an amazing workshop yesterday. The kids learned so many valuable lessons. They were buzzing on their way out yesterday," says U. Sawh, Teacher, Churchill Heights.
"I would definitely like to do this each year with my class. I thought that it was excellent!", says L. Adams, Teacher, St. Clement's School
"My kids told me how much fun the workshop was. Imagine the idea of money/budgeting and excitement going hand-in-hand in a 10 year old's mind", says Grade 5 Parent, TDSB.
"My little boy shares the lessons taught about saving, spending and sharing taught when he was in Grade 1 and, this September, he will be going into Grade 4! A truly wonderful program that should be in all schools," says St Gregory CS Parent.
"Thank you for coming in our class. I liked all of the centres but I especially liked the centre where you have to save up your money to buy something. I wish we could do this again, " says another Grade 2 Student, TDSB.

Cent$ible Students help students from Kindergarten to Grade 8 develop an understanding of money related issues through unique, interactive workshops in the classroom. Using teacher approved curriculum, Cent$ible Students engages children through stories, activities, online tools and games. It begins the discussion in the formative years, setting the stage for a sensible, lifelong approach to money management.

Cent$ible Students has delivered 855 workshops to 21,876 students in 224 schools.

Our workshops are endorsed by the TDSB FINANCIAL LITERACY STEERING COMMITTEE and
the curriculum is approved by the TORONTO DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD (TDSB).

To learn more, visit our Workshops pages and download our Censtible Students Flyer.